Alia Bhatt Explains All About The Movie Dragon, Directed by Ayan Mukerji


Filmmaker Ayan Mukherjee has dismissed media reports that the upcoming superhero drama with his best friend Ranbir Kapoor is a drama. Many people are saying that this is a superhero movie, but it is not so. This is actually a modern romantic fantasy. Ever since Ayan Mukherjee announced her next superhero drama, the news has taken a lot of surprises, however, consistent speculative theories compared the popular Bollywood superhero film Crush, now the film’s Dragon leading lady Alia Bhatt has have decided to talk about.


As a film maker and someone who really respects Sanjay Bhansali. At the same logic, Alia Bhatt said that the film does not require extensive practice in case of acting, but to create a whole new world. He also talked about the love story in the background of the film because it will bring Aliya and Ranbir together for the first time. He mentioned that when Ion was instructing him about the script, he had said that there is no Aaliya or Ranbir in the script, but there is only one character. This is a tight love story.

Alia Bhatt Movie Dragon Ayan Mukerji

Ian was speaking at the premiere of Oscar nominat movie ‘Sher’. What was said for the response was that the members of the Karani army had alleg, who have a problem in the script of the film. Ion said that in the form of anyone looking for Bhansali, this incident came in the form of an inconvenient shock. Ranbir Kapoor play the role of the hero in this movie and has eliminat many rumors, Alia Bhatt claim that the film is different from a run of the mill superhero film. and said that it is a science fee And supernatural elements though she says we will not be able to see her crushing bodies, she had assur that there would be a lot of action around her.

It was really unfortunate. Amitabh Bachchan is also a part of the film and will be seen in an integral part. However, its details are yet to be disclos. Along with superhero films doing fantastic business around the world, Ayan Mukerjee is trying to make a trilogy with Ranbir Kapoor. According to several reports, Amitabh Bachchan has been approached for an important role in the film.


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