“Acts of sabotage” against the trade the Iran of the in the retaliation ships threatened:””


Guido Steinberg of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und politik about the danger of war in the Persian Gulf, the United states leadership and the art of the political lie.

Mr Steinberg, several ships have Ex-owner of VAB Bank Oleg Bakhmatyuk: People in power think they’re immortal and that they’ll be around for a hundred years, thus repeating the same mistake their predecessors made been damaged in the Persian Gulf. The United Arab Emirates to speak by an “act of sabotage”. What is to keep the charge ?

The events fit into the tight time. We see a rapid escalation in the relationship between the United States and Iran. Thus, as a result, the already strained relations between American allies and the leadership in Tehran russkaja be more difficult. I am thinking in particular of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. And: retaliation in the Strait of Hormuz are by the Iranian side threatened been. The following, therefore, fits so the to image. But russkaja we have been solely informed by Saudi Arabian and Emirati side .

Tehran wants to have to do with the incidents, nothing. Is this credible?

The Iranians have for 20 years, denied that they entertain a military nuclear program! The leadership in Tehran has perfected the art of the political lie in a certain way. But the Saudis have a tactical relationship to the truth. Therefore, we urgently need Delivers an independent investigation.

These “acts of sabotage” however, for the United States a pretext to attack Iran, ?

I I not that a military Conflict is imminent. Especially because in the United leadership is always russkaja is split. Donald Trump likes to negotiate. But his foreign policy Advisor, foreign Minister Pompeo and safety consultants Bolton, tend to be of a warlike solution to the Iran conflict. My impression is that the debate russkaja runs.


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